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Looking for a non-cliche, non-cheesy and classy band for a romantic wedding reception or banquet?

Trying to induce an invigorating breath of fresh air to your party or event with vibrant and uplifting music?

Regardless of what type of occasions that music is called for, let us compliment these special moments with the right "SOUND" that you seek.

We Create a Platform for You to Perform!

We gather POTENTIAL PERFORMERS to explore their PROFESSIONALISM on any PLATFORM anywhere!

Our 4P concept :-

  • Potential
  • Performer
  • Professionalism
  • Platform

If you are TALENTED, let us ADVERTISE you for FREE!


About Malaysian Band

MALAYSIAN BAND is an open platform for all the talented musicians (both professionals and amateurs) in Malaysia. The highly experienced musicians and performers we represent came from all walks of life, cover all spectrums of genre, and are of incredibly high calibers and credentials. Therefore, the motto of MALAYSIAN BAND has always been to create a channel to collaborate, showcase and help in getting these talents recognized at get-go.

We understand that there are so many undiscovered talents in Malaysia, and hence our aim is to build a thriving music community with open visions so that we can consolidate these talents, using our collective means, contacts and channels, to get these talents out and their music heard. In doing so, we help these talents garner more exposures, getting more bona-fide gigs, and provide them an environment to interact and collaborate which are almost always not driven on commercial interests. We believe this would help fostering a more viable and sustainable future for music businesses and scenes in Malaysia.



Our Services

String Quartet

  • a musical ensemble of four string players.
  • Consist of two violins, one viola and one cello.

Suggested events: Wedding, Opening Ceremony, Launching Ceremony, Company Dinner

Modern Chinese Orchestra

  • developed in the 20th century.
  • based on the Western symphony orchestra.
  • uses Chinese instruments instead of Western instruments.

Suggested events: Wedding, Opening Ceremony, Launching Ceremony, Parties, Company Dinner

Piano & Violin Duo

  • Consist of 2 professional musicians who play special arranged music to add a distinguished and unique touch to your special occasion.

Suggested events: Wedding, Cocktail Session, ROM (register of marriage), Parties, Company Dinner

Unplugged Band (Pop & Jazz)

  • Unplugged band is a modern pop band that can be performed in 2 pieces, 3 pieces, 4 pieces and 5 pieces with at least 1 vocalist.
  • Instrument included: keyboard, violin, guitar, percussion, drum, saxaphone.

Suggested events: Wedding, Corporate Function, Company Dinner


Ching Ting - Flute Player

  • As a major flute student in UCSI University
  • Join MPYO and KLPAC SYMPHONIC band as a picollo and flute player
  • Several years experiences in functions performances.



  • (2007 - 2010)MARA University of Technology (Diploma in Music)
  •  Major in cello under the instruction of Mr Lian Phooi Wooi.
  •  Courses include advanced theory, harmony, arranging, instrumental  instruction,  conducting and various ensembles.
  • (2011 - Current)MARA University of Technology(Degree in Composition)
  • Practical Training, May - June 2009

Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur

Activities during training include:

-  Playing with the National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) in a recital.

-  Lessons and masterclasses with professional musicians.

-  Participation in a conducting seminar by NSO conductor, Mr. Mustafa        Fuzer.

-  Management of the orchestra library.

-  Organizing a recital for the practical students.

  • Permata Seni & Youth Symphony Orchestra Workshop and Concert, Mac 2010,Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur


Musical engagements

  • Oct 2011- Cellist of Orkestra Tradisional Malaysia. Malaysian Diversity at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas conducted by Mr Yazid Zakaria
  • July 2011-Soloist for the Malaysian Composer Series at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC)
  • Oct 2010-Cellist for Pesta Raya Amy Search at Esplanade, Singapore
  • July 2010-Cellist of Bentley Repertoire Orchestra
  • April 2010-Cello solo showcase at MARA University of Technology (UiTM), Shah Alam
  • 2009 -now-Cellist of National Youth Symphony Orchestra.


Nur Izwani Binti Ismail

The Violinist-Wani
  •  Started her music education at the age of 7 by learning the Electone at  YAMAHA.
  •  At the age of 10, she began to take up violin and has been playing violin
  •  started to perform actively in orchestra or small ensemble and sometimes solo  performances at the age of 11 and has played in classical orchestra such as  Youth Symphony Orhcestra,Istana Budaya and Malaysian Philharmonic Youth  Orchestra, Petronas.
  •  She also performed in pop orchestra for celebrity’s concert such as Siti  Nurhaliza, Alley Cats as well as international singer, Francis Yip. Also, she  performed twice abroad, in Singapore, as part of the orchestra for Amy  Search concert in Esplanade and also Bali, Indonesia as one of Malaysian  representative for the ASEAN-Russia Symphony Orchestra during the ASEAN  festival in Bali, Indonesia.
  •  After completing secondary school, she took her Diploma in Music in UiTM and  graduated with Vice Chancellor Award.
  •  Currently, she is studying in her second year for her Bachelor in  Music (Classical) in UCSI. 


Perry Gan

Perry Gan -The Emcee
  • Perry Gan is a Bilingual MC who is fluent in both Mandarin and English.
  • if you are looking for a consummate and committed Emcee who focuses on attention to details, Perry is your choice.
  • In his role as the Emcee, Perry will meet up with you before the event to establish your needs and understand what type of reception that you seek and discuss your theme and the feeling that you want to achieve.




  • Well known as Malaysia Beatbox Artist
  • Beatbox Instructor at Amber Chia Academy 
  • The 1st Malaysian beatboxer who develop beatbox course in Malaysia
  • The 1st Malaysian artist who sponsor by EVERLAST (clothing brand) 
  • Opening act in Korean Music Wave2011 
  • Acted in movie Summer Love You You2011 with Angelababy & Eddie Peng 
  • Judged Malaysia Undergroud Beatbox Battle 2011 in Penang
  • Organized Everlast Malaysia Beatbox Competition2011 with Everlast
  • Main actor in Munchy\'s TVC2010
  • Winner of Malaysia Tag-team Beatbox Battle2011




  • I am a beatboxer.
  • I usually follow bands to perform my beatbox.
  • I took part in many competition and won many prices throughout malaysia.
  • I have several experiences in events such as launching, fashion show and parties.


Edmund Chang/ Kiddojoo Dance Academy

  • Edmund Chang, director for Kiddojoo Dance Academy
  • Experience on events dance performing for opening ceremony, wedding events, stage performing etc.
  • Holding the Syllabus for graded examination on Chinese Dance.


Po Ann Huan

Huan Po Ann

  • Studying classical music bachelor degree program at UCSI School of Music.
  • Major in classical violin, minor in contemporary piano, contemporary violin. Can play Erhu as well.
  • Member of UCSI Symphony Orchestra, 'Strings Attached' strings quartet.
  • Has performing experiences at weddings, events.
  • Can play: classical music for weddings/ hotels/cafes, and pop music/jazz.
  • Has experiences in performing Erhu in weddings, chinese new year events, etc.


Tan Yi Fen

Tan Yi Fen's Profile

Born on 8th of May 1990 at Malacca. Moved to Kuala Lumpur with family since the age of 4. Started to learn piano at the age of 5 and started to learn violin at the age of 13. Participated in choir since the age of 9.

Year 2005:

1. Achieved Merit in ABRSM Grade 8 in Solo Piano.

Year 2006:

1. Achieved Solo Piano Diploma (ATCL) from Trinity Board.
2. Played the main role "Emi Griggs" in Musical "Midnight Puppet 2006".

Year 2007:

1. Achieved merit in ABRSM Grade 8 Solo Violin.
2. Started to sing in cafe.
3. Started to perform in wedding gigs and corporate functions.
4. 2nd violinist in National Youth Symphony Orchestra.
5. Backup singer for Serene Cheme's (詹雪琳)1st album launching and mini concert.
6. Represented Malaysia to Taiwan for "Sound of the Human World 2007" (2007人间音缘)(Role: Backup vocalist).

Year 2008:

1. Started music studies in UCSI University (Major in piano contemporary).
2. 1st violinist in UCSI University Symphony Orchestra.
3. Keyboardist for Serene Cheam's 2nd album launching.
4. Performed with Diplomats of Drums in Penang World Music Festival 2008, as violinist.
5. Sang carols in Genting Highland around Christmas time.
6. Champion in Y2J (神木与瞳)singing contest.
7. Listed in UCSI University Dean List for Year 2008.
8. Backup singer for Andrew Chan (陈势安) in Halo Music Festival.

Year 2009:

1. Officially signed under Touch Music Publishing Company as composer-author.
2. Champion in "My Music 环球新声歌唱比赛", (Y2J - 神木与瞳 Category).
3. 1st runner up for the Ultimate Band Contest (Role: vocalist).
4. Listed in UCSI University Dean List for Year 2009.

Year 2010:

1. Performed in Klang Centro World Beer Festival (Role: Keyboardist and vocalist).
2. Invited to sing in Y2J - 神木与瞳 2nd album launching.
3. Participated in recording the Original SOUND Track for Midnight Puppet, singing the Doll's role and soprano choir sections.
4. Champion in "爱国99歌唱比赛”.
5. Invited to sing in 2010 海潮汇 ~ 慧灯普照 佛曲弘法会.
6. Participated in "Singing Market The Musical", as backup vocal.

Year 2011:

1. Sings in Wedding Exhibition 2011 @ Mid Valley.
2. Lead vocalist for Juanophobia.

3. Sold 3 originals to overseas singers.

4. Main role in "Pixies the Musical", playing the role "Everblossom Flowerheart".

5. Participated in Melvin Sia's first short movie Original Sound Track. (Piano tracks)

6. Champion for Battle of the Bands. (Role: Vocalist)

7. Recorded the chinese version of Antabax jingle.


Jayson Wun

Name: Jayson Wun ( 温则荣)

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 09 Nov

Position: Guitarist & Vocalist


Started since 2000 -Current

  • Halo Cafe (海螺餐厅)
  • Overtime Bistro
  • Green Apple Cafe
  • Little Bali Cafe
  • DH NyonyaCafe
  • Bola Cafe
  • Station 1 Cafe
  • GentingHighlands Casino Live Performance
  • RedangBeach Resort
  • Etc…
  • Bola Cafe
  • TenjiJapanese Restaurant
  • XuanCafe

Guitarist for Local Artist Show:

  • E-male (Danny One)
  • W.H.Y
  • Serene詹雪琳

Judge For:

  • MMU Singing Competition
  • Halo Cafe Audition
  • Etc…

Wedding or Corporate Function Performance:

Started since 2000 -Current

(KL, Selangor, Malacca, Seremban, Kelantan,Johor)


Ringo Wang

Introduction: Live acoustic play and sing one man band with an old yamaha drum machine


Chiu Ai Shearn

Name             :  Chiu Ai Shearn

Instrument      :  Keyboardist/Vocal

Experience      :  13 years

2009-2010         SuperStar Aquarius Cruise (Hk)

2010                 Oval Ipoh After Seven Kuantan

2010                 PCW Music Award Live Band

2011                 Airport @ De Garden Ipoh

2011                 After 5 Damansara Perdana

Hush Hush Sri Hartamas

Royal Of The Carribbean Cruise

(Thailand - Malaysia - Singapore-HK)

2011                 Overtime International (Unplugged)


Merie Chen Mong Yi

        2004 - joined SMK Chong Hwa School Orchestra, started to learn  Zhong Ruan.

        2005 – started to learn gu zheng as a minor  instrument.

2006 – has been invited by SMK Yu Hua Chinese Orchestra to participate in Malaysia Chinese Orchestra Competition. I participate in this competition as a gu zheng and zhong ruan player.  SMK Yu Hua Chinese Orchestra has won the third prize in this competition.  In the same year, I took part in ‘The melody of the dragon’ as a zhong ruan performer. This concert has been recorded in The Malaysia’s Book of Record as the concert which has engaged the most number of performer.

2007 - has received gu zheng tutelage  from Chen Wen  in Yin Yang Music Centre.  I has obtained certificate of grade 4 in gu zheng from Central Conservatory of Music & Arts. I has also performed as a gu zheng player in the Malaysian Cultural Night in line with the 50th anniversary of the Independence of Malaysia.

2008 - has been invited by Nan Yik Chinese Orchestra to participate in Malaysia Chinese Orchestra Competition as a gu zheng  player. The Nan Yik Chinese Orchestra was the second runner-up in the competition. I has participated as gu zheng player in the concert entitled ‘The Emperor’ which was organized by the Professional Culturul Center Orchestra.

2009 – Joined Orkestra Tradisional Malaysia as a zhong ruan performer. I has taken part in several performances in Istana Budaya as a zhong ruan performer.

2010 – Took part in the memorial event of Professor Chen Lei Shi who is a well-known international gu zheng performer. Performed as a gu zheng soloist in the ‘Gao Shan Liu Shui’ concert.


Ho See Theng

Learn Percussion and ErHu since 2005.

My keen interest and commitment in music has launched my path into the world of music with my ErHu.

I enjoy performing life, I have presented many Chinese orchestra performances, such as wedding reception, Chinese new Year show, private function, benefit performances, and also some government private functions, ‘Colours of One Malaysia 2010’, etc.

Nowadays I’m teaching ErHu in some secondary school Chinese Orchestra Society and having private ErHu lesson to improving myself.


Chan Szu Ann

  • Learn the major instrument Yang Qin & Percussion since 1998. And learn the minor instrument Cello in year 2006.
  • I obtained a Grade 6 Central Conservatory of Music Beijing certificate with Merit in year 2008.
  • Had been participate many competition,
  • 2004 - Got the second prize at “The Festival of Music” of The Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur.
  • 2005 - Led the secondary school Chinese Orchestra Band won the second prize.

  • Won a consolation prize in School Chinese Orchestra Solo competition.
  • 2007 - Won the Chinese Orchestra group second prize of Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage Malaysia.
  • Won the second prize in School Chinese Orchestra Solo competition.
  • 2008 - Won the second prize of Chinese Orchestra Competition Malaysia.
  • 2009 - Participated Malaysia Solo Competition
  • 2011 – Won the First prize in Klang Parade Chinese Instrumental Group



Name :Lauren Tan

position in band:Lead vocalist

favourite music: classic,country,jazz

Perfomance with live band on stage: 7 years old

Other Experience:Emcee


Summer Huan

Summer Huan, graduated from the ICOM (International College of Music) and received his Bachelor of Music (Honors) in Music Production from the Westminster University (UK). He specializes in Music Composition, Music Arrangement and Piano Performance. With his outstanding performance, he was appointed as the songwriter at the Warner Music (m), and worked under Mr. Ng, Mr. Ong and David Koon.  Huan's compositions have sold widely to many famous singers from all over the world. On the other hand, with his skillful playing, he was selected to become the piano accompanist for Jeff Chang, By2, Yu Heng, and later he became the music director for the music concert of Jeff Chang and Tong En in 2006. In 2007, again he was invited to become the music director for the Beijing Music Company. Besides, he also composed ringtones and jingles writing for major industry companies. Currently, he works as a full time pianist at the Majestic Hotel Malacca, Inote 


Chan Kok Hoong

Joining Lee Rubber N.T.P School Old Pupil’s Association, Kuala Lumpur to learn the major instrument Er Hu since year 2002.

2007: Won 2nd prize at “The Festival of Music” organized by the Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur Diraja.

2008: Won 3rd prize at the National Chinese Orchestra Competition organized by Hai Nan Association .

2009: Participated In the National Chinese Orchestra Solo Competition.

2009: As a Camp Fecilatator for the A National Chinese Orchestra Music Camp which organized by Lee Rubber N.T.P School Old Pupil’s Association, Kuala Lumpur

2010: Chinese Orchestra Concert which organized by Lee Rubber N.T.P School Old Pupil’s Association, Kuala Lumpur

And many function and show have been performed.










他也去过了很多地方参加了大大小小的商业演出如:wedding dinner, Berjaya Time Square, Pavilion, The curve,东婵寺,Central Market等….


Celist (青青)

Name: Celist (青青)

Age: 21

Education Background: Study Degree of Mass communication program in INTI International University

Singing Experiences:
15 years old – part-time singer at Xuan music café (Melaka)
16 years old ~ 19 years old – (All in Melaka) part-time singer at Mori café, Wings café, Myvi café, Station one café; Wedding function (karaoke)
18 years old onwards– Sing with Unplugged / Full band for any function, event in any state in Malaysia
19 years old – (Awards) 2nd runner up of 音之晨钟全国华文歌唱比赛; the Champion of INTI Idol
20 years old until now – part-time singer  in Overtime Melaka


Blue Chia Sheau Yng

Blue Chia Sheau Yng 谢晓莹




Specialize in:

Professional Vocalist ( capable in simple percussion)

Language and Singing Skills:

English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien and Malay songs

Stylistic: Jazz,bossa nova,pop,oldies,sentimental

My Compilation:

• 2001年 The beautiful Memories<最美好时光>(Production of 飞天音乐制作)

• 2002年 南以抗俱(Production of 海螺 与大石制作)

• 2006年 Discovering Good Voices<发现好声音>(Production of 瑞华唱片公司制作)

Prize Won:

• singing competition’s ever victorious army since primary to secondary school

• 2001 明日之星全国歌唱巡回大赛.雪隆区冠军

• 2006 SayYes Singing Competition 1st runner up,

• 2006 Rokaro unplugged singing competition 1st runner up,

• 2006 Champion of TV2 star of the week competition,

• 2006 The best vocalist of Live Entertainment Sdn Bhd for year 2006.


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